My Mission

Reiki has changed my life and it can change yours as well. I offer a variety of services and techniques to assist you in adopting a peaceful, healthy way of life that merges perfectly with the world around you. If you are reading this, the Angels brought you here for a reason, whether you want guidance from a reading, or want to change your life with Reik, meditation or Crystal Energy Healing, you are here for a reason. Listen to your inner guidance and lets get started. I would be honoured to help you on your spiritual journey.

Do your interests lie in the arts of reiki, learning how to send healing energy to yourself and others, crystals and their energetic healing properties or meditation and the peace of mind it can bring, and removing stress and worry from your daily life? Or perhaps you are interested in learning more about your chakras, what they are and how the balancing and cleansing of them can greatly improve your health and frame of mind. Maybe you are intrigued with the idea of auras; what they are, how to see them and how to identify the effect external energies has on them. I offer individual, group, and distance readings for those interested in seeking contact from your spirit guides or passed loved ones.

The gift shop features beautiful hand made chakra jewelry. It also includes chakra stone sets which can be used to cleanse and balance the chakras. You’ll find natural stone pendulums that can help you find answers to life’s questions. All stones are cleansed, charged, and infused with reiki healing energy. They are just waiting for your personal programming for individual use.

Whatever your interests, Way of Life Reiki has something for you. If there is anything you are interested in that I do not currently offer, please feel free to contact me.