My Journey

I have been sensitive all of my life, hearing spirits and having prophetic dreams. However, it wasn’t until after a life altering illness that I began to embrace my gifts. I began my spiritual path by learning about the Angels and becoming attuned to reiki. I soon realized I could see auras and the spiritual world opened up to me even more. I discovered I could see spirits and communicate with them as well.

I am a Reiki Master and teacher, Certified Crystal Energy Healer and psychic medium. I offer energy healing sessions, teach meditation classes and give Angel Card and Tarot Readings. I feel readings are part of a healing process. I enjoy helping people heal themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I love to help people get started on their own spiritual journey and find their inner-peace.

In 2001 I was diagnosed with my first round of breast cancer. It was a small tumor, so small in fact that the doctor felt that a lumpectomy and radiation would rid me of the cancer. When we were discussing treatment options, I still remember the oncologist saying to me “you couldn’t pay me to put you on chemo!” I continued on with my life as a single mom and a high school teacher. Approximately eighteen months later the cancer was back in the exact same place, but again very small. This time the recommended treatment was a mastectomy, so I opted for a double hoping to prevent any future occurrences. As luck would have it around twenty months later the cancer was back in the same place, however this time it had spread to the skin, muscle, bones, and lung.

So after a very extensive surgery where they removed skin, muscle, five ribs, and a part of my lung, the treatment this time was chemotherapy. I am convinced whoever said “the cure is worse than the disease” was referring to chemotherapy. It was somewhere between my second and third surgeries that I began to get interested in the Angels and Angel Card readings. So when I went into my last surgery, my attitude was one of I’m going to beat this with the help of my Angels. Chemotherapy left me with a condition called peripheral neuropathy; nerve damage in my feet. This condition was extremely painful especially while trying to recover from the effects of chemo. A local cancer house offered reiki to cancer patients and my oncologist suggested I give it a try as I am very sensitive to any and all medications and developed allergies to most of the pain killers they gave me. I had absolutely no idea what reiki was but I was willing to try anything.

It was during my first session that I knew I had to learn how to do reiki so I could do it on myself when needed. Getting attuned to reiki also opened up my intuition and thus began my spiritual journey. Since then I have also become a certified crystal energy healer and psychic medium. I now teach people how to use meditation to balance their body mind and spirit to maintain optimum health, and how to heal themselves as well as others using reiki and Crystal Energy Healing. I realize that not everyone wants to become a healer so I also offer healing sessions as well as psychic readings and mediumship.